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We give counsellors, social workers and other professionals the presentation tools to provide life-changing workshops



Do you need resources to help your clients?

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to put together a workshop that will train and equip your clients to improve their lives, their relationships and their careers. That's why we've put together our own, proven workshop materials into easy packages you can buy, download and deliver with confidence.

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Therapeutic Workshops for Clients

We have a range of workshops designed to help clients manage their wellbeing successfully by increasing their knowledge on the subject and learning practical skills and tools. Workshops are interactive and help clients build peer based support within the group environment.

Management Skills Workshops

These workshops are designed to develop managers and team leaders who have stepped up the ladder without formal training or qualifications and give them the management skills they need. The workshops are designed to build confidence in managers and increase team moral and function.



Staff Professional Development Workshops

A range of workshops designed to increase staff knowledge and skill base. Many of the workshops are interactive and have opportunities to practice key skills. They promote in-house training, create opportunities for staff to deliver training, and decrease overheads of time away from the office and costs involved with offsite training.

Human Resources Workshops

It's important to develop good practice around basic human resource issues. These workshops help improve onsite wellbeing for staff, teams and organisations.



Children's Workshops

These workshops have been developed to improve the wellbeing of children and increase connection and support among their peer group. They can serve as a preventative measure around children's mental health, as well as help children who already suffer from mental health issues, helping them develop skills and tools to promote self care that lead to experiencing more positive emotions.